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Vladimir Pavlovich Pasyukov (Владимир Пасюков)

Vladimir Pasyukov (July, 29th, 1944 - June, 20th, 2011) was a Russian basso profondo. Pasyukov was born in St. Petersburg. He used to sing in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Pasyukov was known mostly for his work with the Male Choir of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir, and the Male Choir "Accordance".

What follows is the text of Pasyukov's obituary in the Kazan Cathedral newsletter:

       After a severe and prolonged illness at the age of 66 years Vladimir Pasyukov, a soloist of the Kazan Cathedral, passed away. Vladimir Pasyukov was not only a great singer but also possessed a charming, distinctive personality, enjoying the love and respect of everyone. Anyone who knew him, worked with him and loved him will be his very, very missed. It is no exaggeration to say that no one ever had a single bad word to say of Vladimir. He treated others with his usual kind-heartedness, compassion, willingness to help. He was trule a great man - interesting, very sincere, complex, but wonderful. Vladimir Pasyukov’s unique voice (bass profundo) will long be remembered in the cathedral by the choristers, clergy, and parishioners. Not only was his voice itself a rarity, but Vladimir also had a special emotional force within the choir, saturating it with rich overtones. The church was thus filled with extraordinary warmth and cordiality. It is unfortunate that he is gone. Vladimir’s distinct voice is commerated in a disc with a recording of P. Chesnokov’s "Do not reject me during old age."
       Pasyukov was complex, a kind of labyrinth. He was a workaholic and worked non-stop: in fact, work was his life. He was born on July 29th, 1944, to a working class family. For quite a long time he worked as a woodcarver. He participated in the restoration of the Catherine Palace in Pushkin (including recovery of the palace church, the Amber Room, furniture, frames portraits, etc.), wood carving in the Transfiguration Cathedral, and in several churches in Ukraine. Over the years he has received awards for his work, including a silver medal "For Labor Merit," a medal "For merits in the preservation of Russian culture," and the title of "Veteran of Labour".
      Pasyukov began to sing in the boys choir "Labor Reserves" under the leadership of A. Murin. Then he served in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Leningrad Military District. After the army, being a gifted young person, he joined the Capella. Then there was the chorus under N. Korniev, as well as the Male Choir of St. Petersburg. At the same time he always sang in the church - first in the Transfiguration Cathedral, then at Prince Vladimir, and finally, the last 12 years in the Kazan Cathedral. The scope of his character, his great talent and great energy, along with his love and devotion to his profession--these are the qualities for which colleagues appreciated, loved and will remember this man.
       The funeral service for Vladimir was held June 24 in Kazan Cathedral. A huge gathering of friends and colleagues gathered to sing at the tomb. Vladimir Pasyukov buried in his favorite place: Pavlovsk. Clergy, choir, and congregation of the Kazan Cathedral mourn the death of Vladimir Pasyukov and bring their condolences to his family and friends, and especially his wife - Ludmila Dovoretskaya, with whom he shared 43 years of happy family life.
Eternal memory!


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