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Jyrki Korhonen added to Oktavists Page

I've added Jyrki Korhonen to the oktavists page. Korhonen is a Finnish opera and choral singer who has performed many roles, but is particularly notable for his performances of Rautavaara's vocal works, which are often place unusual demands upon the bass voice. He studied at the Sibelius Academy, where his teachers were Jorma Elorinne and Tom Krause. He performed with the Zurich Opera in the international opera studio for the period 1992-1993. Korhonen has been attached to the Finnish National Opera since 2001 to present. Below Korhonen performs Rautavaara's "Waltz of the Innocents," which descends to contra F after 2:13. Rautavaara composed this set of pieces specifically for Korhonen's voice.

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