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Glenn Miller sings Benedict Sheehan's "Song of Simeon"

Benedict Sheehan has his new All-Night Vigil in English soon to be released on November, 19th 2021! Pre-order on here:

This All-Night Vigil, inspired by Rachmaninov's, features an amazing concerto for basso profundo, "The Song of Simeon." Performed by Glenn Miller, the piece goes beyond even Chesnokov's "Do Not Reject Me In My Old Age," in exploring the absolute depth of the oktavist voice, descending all the way to a subterranean F1!

Fortunately, this track was chosen as a preview for the complete album! If it's any indication, this should be a truly monumental recording.

Listen to the album audio version here:

Watch a video recording of a live performance here:

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Octavist Planet
Octavist Planet
Dec 19, 2023

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