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John Sutko

As basso-profundo and octavist, Mr. Sutko has sung with the Northwestern University Choir, the Rockafeller Choir of the University of Chicago and the Bach  Society of St. Louis. He has sung the Vigil Services of Rachmaninov, Gretchaninov, Kalinnikov and selections of Chesnokov at Northwestern and University of Chicago and the solo chant of the Rachmaninov Divine Liturgy with the Bach Society of St. Louis.

Mr. Sutko has also sung the basso-profundo parts and chants in many of the Russian, Serbian, and Ukranian Orthodox Churches in the Chicago area. Recently, he sang as an octavist with the Konevets Quartet of St. Petersburg, Russia as a guest soloist. As oktavist his range exceeds two octaves below middle C to A flat and G.

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